A new spectre is haunting Europe - Nationalism

Anlässlich der anstehenden Europa hier nun ein Beitrag in Englisch, damit er auch für andere Europäer verständlich ist. Ich will damit besonders meiner Besorgnis über den grassierenden Nationalismus in Europa Ausdruck verleihen, der zur Gefahr für alle werden kann.

‘A spectre is haunting Europe.’ These are the first words of the Manifesto of the Communist Party from 1848 by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. The spectre, they said, was communism and the powers of old Europe had entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre. They went on to expound that history of all hitherto existing society was the history of class struggles and there were certain evil forces who kept the working class from their fair share of the wealth of nations. Unfortunately they forgot to tell the people where this class struggle they promoted would lead eventually, into dictatorship and oppression. But at least they had identified and discerned the viciousness of those old European powers that were willing to drive Europe into a war for the sake of their wealth rather than to surrender any of their assets.

Today we have to face the fact that there is a new spectre that is haunting Europe and it’s another Ism: Nationalism. But it is not as abstract as the spectre of communism was in those days. It is utterly tangible. It is called AFD, NPD, FPÖ, PVV, UKIP, Front National, Lega Nord, Vlaams Belang. And there are countless others of those nationalistic parties. And don’t get them wrong. We mostly think they are just stupid idiots. But no, they are quite intelligent and they have a ‘cunning plan’.

This spectre has a message for you: Yesterday it told you “There are aliens amongst us that want your jobs and your money.” Today it tells you “Those aliens already have your jobs and your money. So get them back!” Tomorrow it will tell you “Those aliens want your wives.” And the day after tomorrow it will tell you “Those aliens want to eat your children.”

We already had that and we know where that led us, into another war and that one cost 60 million lives. The sad thing is that the nationalist parties have already forgotten about the last war in Western Europe. Remember, following that war there were some people who went on and said we should be friends. Those people weren’t liberals, left-wingers or communists. They were actually quite conservative and very patriotic people. But they had understood that only if the nations of Europe would be friends and partners we could prevent a new war.

What happened then? After the war the USA granted the Western European countries 18 billion dollars in credits and economic assistance to make their economies resilient against the lure of communism, because Mr McCarthy had made them believe that was the biggest threat. And those countries recuperated from this most destructive war ever rather quickly. Thus the lives of the people in Western Europe improved dramatically. And they went on and asked people from other countries, mainly their former colonies, over to help them with rather filthy kinds of work. And then their lives improved even more and they didn’t even want to do that filthy work anymore and left it to the aliens.

Those aliens you, Nigel Farage of the UKIP, Marie Le Pen of the FN, Udo Voigt of the NPD, Geert Wilders of the PVV and all you others are talking about are the people we asked over to do the work we don’t want to do anymore. Before you rail against them, you should be willing to forego your comfortable lives as MEPs, take off your expensive suits and fancy dresses, put on dungarees or overalls and do the filthy work you leave to the alien epsilons who are desperate enough to come here and are daft enough to clean our shoes because we tell them that’s the only work they’re capable of. By the way, the expression epsilon is a metaphor for a helpful fool. And they are fools because they don’t get that they are constantly exploited. And this metaphor derives from the novel of a distinguished upper-class Englishman. Maybe you should take the time and read it.

And there is another thing. Before you denigrate people from other cultures remember that the foundation of modern Europe, Christianity, came from Asia.
What do the English do when there’s a crisis? They make tea. But the tea that is the centre of modern British culture came from India.
What are the Germans proud of? It’s the purity of their beer. But they had to go to England and ask the English to tell them how to make drinkable beer in the first place.
What do the Italians like the most? Pasta? But their Pasta was invented in China, as it is said.
The French like to advertise their Champaign. But they forget that most Champaign cellars were run and brought to fame by Germans because they themselves had no idea how to run such a business.
Where would we be if we only kept to ourselves and the ways we’re used to? We’d sit in a cave and make tools out of stone.

Nationalism is just a stupid illusion. Borders can be shifted very quickly, as do national identities. The people in Alsace had to change their national identity four times in just sixty years. That should show you how absurd this idea is. Those who stick to this illusion of Nationalism will fail in the end because it is the first step towards degeneration. The cavemen were intelligent enough to leave their cave and learn from each other. But I ask myself whether you Nigel, Marie, Udo and Geert are as intelligent.   

I’m not a German or a European in the first place. I’m a human being. And I’m an alien in every other place on this earth. And as such I tell you nationalists: Fuck off!!!

It’s not the aliens who want your money and your freedom. It’s the leaders of those parties you should be afraid of because they are willing to sacrifice all of you for their ends. When you have the right to vote on the 22nd to 25th, make use of it and show the nationalists that we stand by the aliens, the people we owe the whole of our wealth.

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